being an inhabitant of a tropical or hot country, lies deep in my heart the childish dream to be sunken under the knee-high snow, walk under the frozen undergrowths, or simply sit near the window in the hand made sweater, looking down the snow showering the windowpane.and in the weekend, i’ll be outing to the nearest skiing spot, spend the time under the dappled sunlight, or else i just build a big gentle-snow man in front of the door step, big enough for me to stand on the same high with it.

and yet.last night the snow kept pissing down, looked like the whitish millions of tiny cotton tufts were falling in the speed of the wind from the gloomy sky. and eventually, the world was all white. it’s all like i’d imagined when i was in the preschool.but one thing i forgot or in other words, one thing that didnt cross the tangle mind of mine on that time.winter is COLD.going out on the street is the last thing that i’m gonna do.walking to class in the morning feels like climbing the everest with the thickest coat wrapping you, and you’ll be walking like a penguin. and the blizzard is not nice.the cold chilly wind will sweep away the heat that u need.and even ur tears freeze, ur ears numb, and at last u’ll be like a zombie walking throughout the meadow of coldness in the middle of nowhere.and one more thing, my stomach always churning in need more foods.anyhow.i love winter. behind it , lies the greatness of creation of Allah.


p/s: owh. i really need a haircut..

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turn to 21~

the age will come with wisdom.i’m not saying that by turning to 21, i’m now wiser than before. but i hv gained one 0r 2 things. i hv been sifting through my memory back then, and tried to recollect all the good and bad i’v done.1st and foremost, living live as muslim, i learnt that no matter what happened and will happen, it is within the line of GOD scheme and plan for believing this, i should be strong enough to face any misfortune ahead.

few days back, a young  yet very experienced muslim doctor from malaysia said that we hv to take the mistakes we’ve done as advantages.quite brain triggering right?.the problem with most of people is that they always wont confess their mistakes and pretended not to do so.indeed, deep inside, they cried for their dumbness and ‘what for’ arrogance. we wont be able to step further if we dont realize our flaws or pretend not to.not to mention, mistakes actually are the ingredients of success. the irony is that success without failure is not counted as a success.

~~~ i wrote a motivational post?sarcastic enough then for an down-motivated human like me to wrote such.hahahha. well, it’s just a piece of thought that slide over my tiny brain after tired reading about all those microbes, that i’m not sure enough about their existence.

ok then.salam.

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well, i dont want to but, i hv to say it’s been a while since the last post in 2010.why i begin the begin again?.because i choose to.when u cant see the start or end of something, then better get out from the line and start over again to embark a new storyline.

people like me actually should be retiring from blogging.not proud to say though that i hv another blogspot which is written in my tongue, is it necessary to have another blog?well.i choose to.there’s a saying ‘think in more than 1 language will take your brain to one or more level further'(not sure it’s a saying or what).

2010 the nature takes its course, and time goes by, an invaluable creation like me(human is invaluable right??) has evolved from the younger age to an older one, and as i walked along this long pavement, i grabbed all the things for future and put them all on the hump on my back.some of the stories are about the responsibilities people gave to me and the trust they tried to gain from me.and considering my incapability to handle things and give commands, i refused to lend my hand to be the one who controls.but still, i put my legs with those people  as a follower.

others.just the same recycling routines.yeah, life is a stage on which we are the let get ready to start the play.

owh.about newyear wish or aim or watever.i dont have any.just the same as years back, having the normal human instinct, to be a better me and of course to step further along the way of God.i’allah.

p/s: not to deny, the final exam goosebumps now already felt, but the spirit is still in gaining.huh

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so here i’m this very time space, trying to engulf the maximum oxygen as possible.the brain really demands a huge amount of it, to prepare for the upcoming unpredictable misfortunes and surprises.i need all the messes get away from my oxygen.totally, i’m barely can survive.

maybe i’m just a nut case, who get annoyed and feel burdened by little things, and then get dumped by weak i am to be seen as a MAN.

think.think.think.and work.let do the right thing.but tired already..


p/s:let sleep…zzzZZZZzzz


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the gusty wind that blows,

the temperature that drops days by days,

and when look up above the sky,

and see the  enormous darken roof of the Earth,

i know that seasons keep changing,

and times keep passing by,

and the stop i’m approaching too near~

-me too bad-


It had been a while since the last update.i hv this kind  of symptom.when one at a time, I’m in the mood of writing [typing actually], so here I am, stuck in front of laptop trying to draw the frames of mind alphabetically.well then, personally, writing is the good way [although not the best] of vomiting what I feel and think.

Hurmmm…so today, I got a call from a friend, telling the news about the death of mother of one of us here.later on, I and my housemates went to visit him at his apartment. ta’aziah for him and I really hope with support from all of us here can comfort him and make thing bearable for him. Allah said every soul will face the exclusion for me and you till one day we will come to a stop.yes.a real stop that has no way to turn and return back. Wallahualam….


It was just like a blink of eyes.time passed so a tornado passed by and washed everything the time.right at this moment, I’m officially a third year student of medicine.believe it or not, its true.yes I know and really understand about the rumour I heard a year back from the seniosr.they said that third year of education is the toughest one.if the earth has the hot magma in its core, then for us here, 3rd year is the core of our years of education.and.after only 2 days of the new semester, I already could sense the aura. It’s going to be hard, really I have to choose. To let things take their course themselves, or me as the driver who will steer the way I want to head to.huh…

Life is like that.that’s the rule.and it always come with 2 everything.if you have choose the easiness and happiness at the end, then along the way, you have to struggle for everthing, and gulp all the hardness till you digest them.and at the end, you will be pulled from the wreckage that had burdened you before.huh….

Ok then.sarcastic enough for me to mumble [literally] this time.hahaha…

Lastly, let bygone be bygone. We live life as we could~

p/s: raya is coming!!

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