ruSSian as the 3rd lanGUaGe!!

Furthering study in oversea I think becomes the most common dream for most of students all over the world. Students from m’sia dream to be in UK, who’re from UK, want to be in US, from south want to be north, from west want to be in east, and so on so on.   And I’m one of them. And thanks god because at last with His will, I’ve change the things that maybe before this just a dream into reality.  Ah, Russia, got that!..

Study in Russia is a thing.  Knowing that I don’t have to spend time to do A level or other stuffs like that, encouraged me to choose Russia as whole. For me, the place where we’re studying is not a big thing to be discussed, but it’s all depending on us, right?

Seriously, I’m proud to learn and speak Russian. According to Wikipedia, it’s the largest native language in Europe. Russian language or better known as russkiy yazyk not only spoken by people in Russia, but even in Belarus and Ukraine ( just the same I thought). Tell you what, it’s among the most difficult spoken language (the 4th or the 5th if I’m not mistaken), and it’s spoken by almost 278 million of people. What’s more, Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Oh, god! I just don’t believe myself. The most difficult language becomes my third language now (hope that makes sense)!

main campus

                                             the main building  in the heart of the city 

The first time I learnt Russian made me felt to be in kinder garden again. Learning the special vowels and consonants one by one, teacher reads and we repeat again and again, wrote sentences largely in a special note book, seriously it was a thing to be laughed actually. But that was the rule. Nothing in the world that comes easily to us just in a blink. Everything needs efforts, and of course it’s usually difficult for us.

I remember the moment I got to know my future university, I felt good. Volgograd, wow, a very weird name, but I like it.  Before this, I’d make researches all about the three universities in the offer latter (Moscow, Volgograd, and Nizhniy Novgorod). What I found is fascinating!… You know what? Volgograd State Medical University or better known as ВοπГМУ is one of the oldest and highest ranked medical school in Russia (the 7th I thought) and it is currently headed by Professor Vladimir I. Petrov. Tell you what; he is one of the prominent Russian scientists and he’s the Academician of the Russian Academy for Medical Science. That’s why I think that ВοπГМУ has very wide experiences in producing well trained doctors (again, hopefully it makes senses)..

the 6th batch

                                                   here we go!!

Another thing that special only in ВοπГМУ is the 2 month of Russian intensive class. To me and my friends, it’s all for our good. Prophet Muhammad said that if you don’t want to be lied, then learn the language of certain races. You live in Russia, thus why not if us try to master their language, and I’m sure once you master, you would live happily ever after…remember, in 4th year and above, we have to meets with the patients doing clinical practice, and by hook or by crook, we have to speak Russian. So take it positively, learn and master Russian, ok! Yeah, the cases system is grave hard, but then just take it as you eat ice cream, so sweet and tasty, close your eyes and swallow into your stomach, and it’s finished (hope understand what I’m saying)..

Fuh! That’s all I think for this post. Just wanna say it’s so great to be in Russia, and I’m proud of it, did you????….



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