for the day-only u can spend~

This morning, I woke up as usual, hoping for the day to be better than yesterday, dreaming about ‘day long light’ from the aged sun, and peace that comes from the veil of mist in the morning.


 But then, only God knows everything, truly nothing is hidden from Him, on the earth or in the heaven. The veil on the grey pavement faded and is blown by the autumn typhoon, together with the wilted leaves dropping from the trees.


Then, the earth lives again, the lonely moon’s slowly fading behind the dimmed color of the day, though earth never stopped orbiting the sun. But still, the mist made its way covering everything far along the horizon, just like the day’s hiding the future, full of secrets.



But, the day is for us-for secrets only we can reveal, although the upcoming future is all blurred. Gazing through the windows, I tried to observe the human manners on the streets. They are diverse for everything, the colors of shoes, the ways how they step their foots, the head position during walking [bend down to the ground, or high  above to the sky], how they smile-for all that, they sometimes realize, sometimes not.


The same goes, and it’s the fact actually, u never ever can’t 100% right when u on ur own conclude about urself. Only people around will reflect ur true line, only they can tell u what kind of creature u actually are. Fuh, let’s make it simple, ur friends are the movable mirrors around u, magical mirrors that will tell u whether u’re beautiful or not, just the same with the one in the ‘snow white ‘ story, the nonsense non-logical story[i dont want my children one day admire such stories].  


For life only u can choose the way, and for the day only u can spend, so u choose~


NB:  ah forget, nak try x nak kutuk dah lecturer2 tuh, especially cg ruski tuh, x berkat sih..





About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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8 Responses to for the day-only u can spend~

  1. anonymous says:

    ayat sastra weyh..
    byk maen ayat dgn nature..
    boleh ganti A.pushkin nih..

  2. aku ganas says:

    hahhahahaha..tau pon.. ngutuk lecturer memang xberkat.. tp besh la.. susah nk tahan… aiyoyo… ak bc yg ko tulis last skali jo.. x bace yg ats2.. pnjg sgt dowh.. maleh eden nok membaconye….

  3. Zaim says:

    U r cool b0ys
    super sons

    its tough but i learn on the job,
    i seek advice,
    figure out what works best n makes adjustments.

    If a miracle occurs while u sleep n u wake up da next m0rning to find everythng working according to plan,
    what would u c,
    hear and feel?

    When u c people with their behaviors,
    we must work to keep translating great ideas in2 actions n outcomes,
    we need to c0ach these behaviour in2 our neurology,
    so that they bec0me our habts, our automatic way of being in the world.
    Like u do!

    Gud works!
    msia tcinta.

    • atikullah says:

      for every single work that is done, it’s done, no matter how was the result.
      if it was a success, then it’s ur luck n also ur test..and if it on other hand, then learn from mistkes~

  4. Zaim says:

    4 mklmt tkini dr klate,
    ribt taufan n kejadian sejadah solat di beberapa buah madrasah d kb..sejadah tsbt teratr seperti berada dlm saf d dlm beberapa mdrsh tsbt.wallahualam.

  5. atikullah says:

    subhanallah..sungguh besar kuasamu Ya Allah~

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