dedicated to~

To the world, its continents, and all its inhabitants,

We live here only for a while,

Just like a vivid glimpse that stays longer no more,

Chaptered dreams that have no ending after u come alive,

Like words that had been said,


For the minutes, hours, days, and years that passed,

We have no way to run back to the point of origin,

Just like the bell-shape graph of the trigonometric functions,

Up and down throughout the journey,

till reach the end point,

That is how life is meant to be~





About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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4 Responses to dedicated to~

  1. sabrina says:

    chup…graph trigo func ade bell shape ke?
    rsenye normal distribution ade la

  2. atikullah says:

    hahahaha..aku men hentam je sab..ape kisah?..
    aku bdoh math nie..

  3. sabrina says:

    knon la mat..
    ske hati la…ko pnye blog kn..hehe =P

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