that’s it~

One day, I’ll wake up in a boasting glory of morning,

I’ll see snow that is keep falling, thickening, along the aisle at the neighborhood,

Trees that are dying, wind that is blowing, in the silent chilly morning,

Wtv wtv wtv…

In p**********y  class [story told by a senior]:

Lecturer : students, please disperse this papers to all of u

Pliz use proper English..

Experiments manual for physiology class:


  1. Put the frog on the table and cut her leg [since frog= lagushka is female aspect in Russia grammar]
  2. Blab la bla…
  3. Repeat the experience 3 times [confused; experience or experiment, wtv wtv wtv]

In lecture hall [histology]:

Lecturer ;Who wants to hear lecture please come to the anterior part of lecture hall

Opinion: anterior part usually is always used in scientific terminology, let take an example:

                                “An anterior part of white matter of the spinal cord we call it as anterior funiculus”  [human anatomy]

In this case, I want to show that when u are used to something, in which u always repeat for millions of time, then it will become part ur blood, part or ur brain, or even more, part of ur heart..

Bukan nak kutuk lah, tapi itu lah yg terjadi di sini, ketika ini, pada saat dan detik yg bergerak..[bajet aku nye English ok sgt ar]..

Human needs improvement, improvement needs changes, and of course changes need times,

Better we choose evolution rather than revolution, bcoz it obviously better, although never perfect. Happy always after, trouble first.

tell u what, this evening, a russian girl, our neighbor, ask us for help..punggah2 air from our flat to her’s..she got problem with water supply…x penah knal pom sblum nie…wtv wtv wtv…

Dot. Full stop. ……………………….


About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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2 Responses to that’s it~

  1. aku ganas says:

    sian ko dyo mat.. da 2 ari umah dye xdop air..
    hahaha… ganah gilo english mung.. ajar aku!!!

    • atikullah says:

      tu lah..sian die..walau kiter x penah tau pun kewujdan die sblom die nie..
      weh din..aku x penah pum gune 100% right grammar or sort of brilliant excellent grammar..aku men hentam jer weh..lantak ar..ape aku kisah…hik3..

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