giving without taking~

When I was still younger a few years ago…

“ pliz, I don’t need ur sympathy”..said a friend of mine when I was trying to comfort him after being frustrated bcoz of some reasons. Thing became like de novo, me myself was upset with that word, although maybe that friend never meant to hurt. I felt like a splash of water being thrown on my face. Shame on me, i was overacting.  But then, I learnt something.

“ treat people in the way how u want they to treat u”, this famous phrase for me personally not always correct. For majority of us, sharing is caring, but some might think sharing is scaring. Frankly speaking, let us make everything intermediately, something in between, not to cross over the limit. Not all people will like u even u are acting like an angle, and not all will hate u if u are acting like a demon [but of course most will hate]. 

Actually, I think we have to treat people in their way, the way that they could feel a sort of comfort, not based on what we think is right. But then, life is only meaningful when we’ are giving, so don’t be upset, not to be sad.

That’s  all..thank u..


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hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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6 Responses to giving without taking~

  1. aku ganas says:

    hahahha..mcm pernah bincang je sal nih.. kuang3

  2. atikullah says:

    owh yer ek..

  3. drALAM says:

    it’s quite true my little brother..
    never try to treat others just like we want others to treat us..
    it’s absolutely far-demanded from the way of reality..
    and the way of normal-thinkings…
    thus such situation needs us to be more deeply understood..and the steps must not be stopped, but still further proceed..
    the point is very simple – understand, deeply understand…
    Good touch-up, brother.. ^_^

    • atikullah says:

      giving without appreciation sometimes hard,
      appreciation doesn’t means concrete and materialistic objects,
      it’s enough with simple phrase ‘thank u’..

      dat’s why, we got tired, gave up, and fed up..
      but i do believe if not now [in this realistic world], we’ll be paid back in the hereafter~

  4. damia says:

    this entry had opend my eyes..
    before this i used to treat people in the way how I want they to treat me..
    tqvm for sharing~

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