goes on~

The clock’s ticking, and this makes me older day by day, till one day, I’ll reach the end of life; the death, a promise that will be fulfilled no matter how, when, or where.  The chaos and messes that come after, always drive me insane.

Today, the sky is brighter than before, brightest in this week even I can say, and the day is quite hotter, all these give a calmness that is truly hard to be expressed in words.  ‘hectic life under the shadow of the the skylines’ is just a dream for us here in **l**g**, a dream that will never can be realized [this is not the millenium territory]’ . love that kind of life.


12 in the noon, I was not allowed to enter the ‘world most modern sportzal ever existed’  after being late only 5 minutes .  don’t mind, since it was my great pleasure, returned home with a big heart, then slept like I never slept before.


Hairs got longer and fibrously messed on my head, can’t stand any longer. Being sincerely commented by classmate, I decided by this weekend, I must get my head all in way a truly man should has [I’allah], by hook or by crook.


Tell u what, this week is like heaven, most lectures had finished, concluding tests all had been done last week, this is a week that I should remember for the whole life thought. But then, what ought to be done must be done, maybe dat is the principal grabbed by my roommate, for the fact he has just started learning for the upcoming final winter exam. He psychologically has egged me on to start the step ahead.


Heaters at home don’t worked; all of us are freezing cold. Wonder how the people in Siberia can survive in the temperature about -60C, a temperature threshold that will kill a flying bird in the night, a grave coldness that will crystallizes ur saliva bfore hit the ground.

For the day and its way, u can choose, make it well or make it hell~

p/s : Entry sajer2~


About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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One Response to goes on~

  1. husna says:

    ciannyer dia x leh msk class….
    lect kesayangan tu…kan3…heee

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