the road had taken~

“I keep walking along the aisle, with patients cubicles on both sides. The nurses who’re passing by give me a bright smile, hoping for me to greet them back. Sometimes I throw a vivid glimpse to the patients and give them a peaceful expression, a calmness that they are hoping for.  At the very end of the aisle, there is a room, the room that I’m heading to. On that door, my name, ’Dr.Atikullah’ is carved on the oak-wooden piece. “

Hopefully, it’s not only my dream; I’m now on the right tract. But still, the road that I had taken is full of misfortunes, which sometimes will bother me along the way. I’m afraid that my eagerness is  only for certain time, that really depend on my frame of mind.

O’ Allah, give me the strength, lead me  through this journey~



About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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4 Responses to the road had taken~

  1. aku ganas says:

    me too!

  2. atikullah says:

    taw kudin..mung x baco pun..

  3. Kak Ainul says:

    Dear atik…………………
    Allah did not promise that life would be easy, but HE did promise to go with you..Every step of your life, with him by your side…Gud luck…

    SLAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA…..esok raya tik….hohoho

  4. drALAM says:

    Well,Atikullah,they’re quite impressive thoroughly.
    I mean, the words are clearly enough to describe your way..
    It’s hard actually, really and really hard..
    But the journey must be proceeded in any circumstances we’re facing with..

    My li’l brother, it’s a mind of you to write them all honorifically, but you must remember, they also need to be interpretated by ‘reading’ and ‘memorizing’. You surely know deep down, the ambition is further in front, as you dreamed to walk along an aisle, to collect all the pearls as you can catch them in your heart – it is perseverance, only to be persevered.

    Allah bless you, li’l tiny Brother of mine. ^_-

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