goes on 2~

Today, I went to class like the days, years before, still came within an ace of slapping myself around for do nothing, but hoping it was over…

got a blizzard of thoughts, I felt like I was flying high to the sky through the window at the ‘truly-soviet mid-age classroom’. Don’t know why, that feeling always comes and goes. I sometimes just want to be exiled, far, very far away from the all of what we call as masters of wisdom on earth around me. Don’t want to piss around any longer, but to live in a very convenient, satisfied surrounding. But then, trying to make everyone I have around to feel happy and get sort of ease is impossible,  that’s  why we have to accept somehow that we are bloody wrong in some specialty that we’re not into [I learnt, hope so].. When we roll back to the basic point, then we’ll come into a crystal-clear conclusion, it’s that we don’t have to strut all along the way, think that everything we do is right and accept it is a must.

Fuh, let our fury and storm down, be calm, sit back and relax, and then think wat we have done wrong~


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hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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7 Responses to goes on 2~

  1. aku ganas says:


  2. atikullah says:

    wtv kudin…slmt ari raye~

  3. Kak Ainul says:

    atik wrote: be calm, sit back and relax, and then think wat we have done wrong~

    …………akak pon trus tidur….bedtime….ZZZzzzzzzz…….

  4. zaim says:

    salam aidiladha,
    maaf zahir batin,
    mat! daging lembu ko kambing? biri ble gok?
    make telor pon ok gok,
    xbest ghaye ni,
    sakit gigi,
    xle mkn dging,
    duk mkn ikan ng bubur,

    kawe mimpi demo balik mat..

  5. fuad sabri says:

    wah wah…
    molep sungguh inggeris mu duhai mat……
    terer mg lu ni bi…
    rayo2 ade kelah ugok ko?

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