goes on 3~

It happens again, and this time it takes a little bit longer, and till now the writer doesn’t know when and how it will end. The writer always hopes that things to be perfectly in order, no messes at all, no problems to be faced and solved.


Human is complicated, feeling is immensely hard to be explained, and for sure the writer won’t be able to understand. That’s why questions ‘why’ and ‘how’ arise, and the list of reasons goes on and on.  We might think we could understand, nope, we’re not as a matter of fact.


But then, predicaments are the things that we’ve to go through in our life, no matter if we’re hoping for a primrose pathway. But the writer does believe Allah won’t let His servants to go through these predicaments alone without any help. He won’t give us something that burden us more than that we could bear. It all follows the preordained scheme provided by Allah.


So, here the advice for writer himself and to those who might need it [though the writer is not a good adviser]. Problems are normal; those that always come and go. Running from them is the action of the weak, thus take them, face them, and try to solve them. Last but not least, explanation does matter..


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hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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4 Responses to goes on 3~

  1. keyri says:

    кому это консультация?
    кому-то я знаю да??

    • atikullah says:

      эта консультация просто для всех [menaip ruski ngn susah payahnye]..

      yg trtulis adlh yg trlintas dr akal dan rasa,
      yg dikutip dr mata yg melihat, tliga yg mndgar,
      hati yg merasa~ 🙂

  2. drALAM says:

    …the secrets are not merely strong…
    …since we have Allah as the planner…

    ~may Allah bless you~

    p/s I’m waiting……….^_-

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