Once, the writer was wrong with his prophecy, thinking that the nature this year will refuse the way how it should go. The writer really wants at least once in a life to spend times in a truly Russian winter. The writer was a little bit screwed up on that time; during he threw a glimpse on the dying late November trees.

but today, yes the nature just  goes on like the theory. Outside there, there’s sort of blizzard, the sound of the day that is drowned off by the chilly wind, the snow is falling, thickening, covering the earth, until the earth is a whitish splendid view, nice to see.


snow and the joy~



when nature talks~


the road  always has a definte ending~


let the joy overwhelms~


once, here we heard the song of the day~

always hopes the bless from above~

new bag and life~


obstacles and belief~

the sunlight and calmness~

p/s; semua model adalh housemates + grupmates penulis: 😀


About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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10 Responses to ~~~~~

  1. aku bergaya says:

    mano gamba aku?? xdop pom?

  2. atikullah says:

    kepada kamu bergaya:

    gmbar mung mula2 lah aku letok deh…

  3. tqah mamat says:

    cantek posing… huhu

  4. keyri says:

    org yg hensem bersame beg baru..huhu

  5. zul says:

    salam alaik,
    salam maal hijrah
    napok sedak dok denu,
    xse balik doh ko?
    klate banjir air,
    rusia banjir salji,
    tanda kebesaraNya!

    k mat!

    • atikullah says:

      jaim..sapo xsei balik..kawe mikir sokmo ko dumoh..
      rindu gok..

      • jaim says:

        tu la mat,blog kawe berabad x update,
        cbuk sokmo..
        ado jah kijo nok wat,
        buke gapo,
        assignment banyok lajok,
        lecturer strek dooh,
        mace2 la…
        tiap2 minggu ado teh,
        geghe jugok,
        naseb 4 kali jumaat cuti berturut2,
        lecture 4 ari semengu je la,

        ngaji molek mat!kijo ng uia pah ni…ha3

  6. afham says:

    atik nak post baru!.ooo sbuk exam??hehe,gud luck..bittaufiq wannajah!

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