the route had taken~

The route had taken..

The writer departed from the ex-soviet country, just in the middle of the winter..

The aim is just to get out from the severe coldness of everything..

To feel the time of happy, to be in the day under the dappled sunlight..

To get rid the feeling of numbness, guilty, tired, after 2 week of late night-staying..

Yes, the experiences will teach the most valuable lessons, to be more like the grown-ups,

In which the journey in life shows them the better ways of thinking and perspective,

To measure the life with the most rational argument, though we can’t be perfectly omniscient..

To be just better..

Yes, the route had taken..

The Istanbul, the point of culture mixture, the European blended well with Islamic culture…

Till to Egypt, the cradle of world civilizations..

Hopefully, the days that were spent had gave the chances to feel the diversity of everything..


the writer and blue mosque

blue mosque, istanbul

haghia sophia, istanbul, once it was a church, the a mosque, and now a museum

another mosque, istanbul

the writer, pyramid, and sunlight

the team, camels, and the pyramids

tur sina and sunlight

one perspective

down the tur sina

salehuddin fortress

p/s: till now, the writer is still afraid to begin the new days, yet the future must be discovered,  O’ Allah, guide me~


About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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14 Responses to the route had taken~

  1. sabrina says:

    waa..sgguh betuah kamu dpt pg jejak kaki di bumi anbiya
    nnt share la pglaman pg sne….

  2. tqah mamat says:

    mana gmbr ktorg? xnmpk muka nie.. hehehe.. (^_^)v

  3. aku bergaya says:

    waaa.. besh nye atik p mesir ngn turki..nati balik mesia, mai ah umah saye.. jgn lupe bawak suviniyer eak.. wakakakkaka!!

  4. keyri says:

    woaw!! beshnye abg atik g turki ngn mesir..nk ikutttt!! nnt lenkali kalo nk g mane2, ajak kite gak ek;)

  5. edoraemon says:

    haha. baru aku nk tanya soalan mcm tqa mamat. mana gambar kami.?
    letak bnyk2. aku nk copy gak 🙂

  6. afham says:

    wow atik!!sedap2.melihat gmbr dan menonton vids set mung dgn commentator2 yg lawok, membuatkan aku trpegun (esp turki) dn tiba2 trpikir di benak pikirn aku,aku ingin ke sana,sgt kabir keinginan tu,mungkinkah summer ini??wallahu a’lam..:)
    slamat masuk 2nd sem 2nd yr to all,yg penuh indah lgi mengasyikn kecuali biochem,plus cuti abis lmbt ;(

    • atikullah says:

      fam…turki gi…huhuhu..agak unik, msyrkt die plak mesra smpai trlbih mesra plop..huhuhu.
      time summer lawa agi serow…huhuhu..

  7. zaim says:

    turkey, egypt, russia, afte this???
    ‘one perspective’ …
    insyallah u’ll find d way,

  8. JHaZKiTaRo says:

    salam jauh dari bumi Dublin, Ireland.. blog walking kejap.. rajin2, jemput laa singgah ke my blog.. 🙂

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