just a moment~

It was a very2 long time ago since I don’t call home.not because I forget them.not because I don’t love them anymore.but there’re too much things that happened in the recent time.i left my handset in Egypt.not on purpose of course.yes, that is the point.if u wanna talk about being careful and aware, I’ll be the last person to be the best example.always forget things.and the “summer practical” things, huh, everyone talk.why not?.a shorter summer break, grave shorter I mean, for the sake of “very2 qualified and highly reputable” practical lessons.heh.but, to be frank, that thing doesn’t bother me so much, except for fasting in summer, will be quite tough though.


and in the last 2 day, I called home.as usual, asked them how life is going.mak and ayah Alhamdulillah, they’re healthy.~~relieved~~.my mum answered the call.after about 1 month since the last time I called them, no wonder I could imagine the joy on my mum face when I said ‘assalamualaikum’.and I knew the tear drops started to sparkle, but she pretended not to cry.she smiled and laughed.i knew it, truly knew.we talked so long.we laughed.we missed each other.we were teasing each other.so much things to be ‘gossiped’.if u ask me with whom u comfortably share my precious secret, I’ll answer my mom.i remebred when I was a school boy.i used to tell everything that happen in school to her.and she always be there to comfort me, to hear me.i remembered she was the one who accompanied me during the bedtime,be with me in the darkness. i missed that moment.yes, those moments~ And then, I ended the call.and again I’m all alone here.


p/s: soklan: dalam bnyak2 nasi putih atas dunia nie, nasi putih mana paling best?meh nak jawab, nasi putih mak aku masak.=>


About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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3 Responses to just a moment~

  1. drALAM says:

    Be a soleh son, Atikullah. We never know, even it’s actually unpredictable to guess what is exactly inside her (mother). She is the powerful woman ever beside you. I love my mom too, and hope deep enough to be with her next year. It’s hard certainly, but I love her, and I love her so much, as we’re the same.

    p/s I’m looking forward to call my mom every week, because I already have VoipDiscount account with free calls for 4 months! Thanks to my bestfriend Nadzrul to help me find this application. ^_-

  2. 12-21 says:

    true..i love my mom too..she had sacrificed lots of things to grow me up..well one day its our time to pay every single cent that she spent on us..

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