Second wave

Theoretically, in these few weeks, there should be tulips, tulips, and roses, and tulips again[sorry, I’m kinda know nothing about flowers] that are blooming, giving out their sweet fragrances all over the city.and the dappled sunlight now should already brighten, leaving the solemn winter.

But, who knows wat waiting ahead.never ever can we predict accurately.dont believe in the last 2 days, the snow kept pissing down.abruptly.again the land is covered by the whitish splendid thick.thicker than before.we thought and we called it as the second wave of winter.

One friend of mine explained this phenomena scientifically.he used to be a good speaker though.he used to be an informative a moving-information counter[only that he’s not a counter].he said-the news tell that natural disaster so called el-nino now is strucking the whole globe.the north hemisphere is experiencing the severe winter, and in the south is otherwise.heh.let not discuss on this issues in will end up with all the messes and boring stuffs.talking about the global warming, stone forest, etc etc…~~boring~~.

Instead of long-lasting winter, I love this second wave of winter.not too chilly winter typhoon.heh.that occurs not always.whilst the eagerness and determination were looming, me and housemates grabbed the chance to play with the snow till we gave up with the stiffed muscles.snow ball war.making our biggest gentleman Mr.Snowman.and all things was just ridiculous and jakun though.for pictures click kudin’s blog.

P/s: wish me luck.biochem test tomorrow.heh.continue study.~~ces~~


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