perfect prefect huh?

Salam ketenangan dan kebahagian..’s 1:14 am by the moment I’m writing this post.just couldn’t get my eyes close yet.eyes are still wide’s my heart dat  is beating so I’m having a tachycardia.i can feel the blood’s flowing so fast through the vessels, till my head is just going to split into 2, seriously I can’t happen in these few days.but.there’s nothing to worry’s just the caffeine though.i drank too much coffee recently.addicted I thought.all this circumstances urge me to write a post eventually.but still, I’m not done yet with my study of medcl care.who cares.huh.for this very moment.i just want to shout hell out of me.heh.


it was one of the days of my school years.i used to be a school prefect.a GOOD and disciplined prefect I mean.and of course most of the students hated me for the way I either hated to be me in that’s not my truly things.shouting at all those innocent childrens to line up.standing still in front of school dealing with all those late comers.rising up the flag during the weekly assembly.and.etc.etc.u know how felt I that time.i felt like I was an unlucky child who was born in a situation dat I always tried to bail from.i couldn’t play like others.i was a growing children though.bare that in mind.i wanted to play hide and seek whenever the teacher had meetings.i wanted to scream and make noise during assembly.running in the canteen.or maybe fighting with all those whom I revenged’s just not that fair. .~~~only that I’m not thinking in that way any longer right now.=>


Till one time.that day.i was patrolling a class.their teacher went for all these endless meetings[meetings je lebih, ces..sorry].and all those students started to make noises.yelling at each other even though they were just sitting 2 inch from each for a starting i asked them to slow down their voices.i asked in the best way I could a way with full of courtesy and tact.trying not to upset them.but, they responded in an opposite way.acting like I was just a statue or maybe an electric pole there.i was the least functional there.heh.pretending not to hear my voice.pretending that my existence there was not a big deal for them.then.i tried for a second time.i’d being deceitful that time.telling them all the lies about their punishments that they have to paid for their misbehaviors.just to make sure they shut their mouths up.but.still they gave all those ‘so-what’ looks.


Till that very moment.i was reaching my breaking point.i was tired of shouting at them.i’d to act.physically I mean.i took the cloth-made pad used to clean the was full of the chalk dusts.then, I collected all the energies that I had.inhaling so deeply.taking most of the oxygen volume possible.focusing on my target.and with all my possible effort, I threw that pad right on the eyes of one of the boys.the victim was tho most annoying boy that I could ever imagine.fuh.relieved~~~hope that boy not hold a grudge.

I was fool to act in that way.dun worry. i’m now not that little ignorance boy anymore.full of fury though.

That was a history.but then history teaches us to be better.hope so~

p/s:i’m not having insomnia.hope so.


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6 Responses to perfect prefect huh?

  1. drALAM says:

    Prefect. This word seems to be hard for me. I always confused prefect and perfect. Maybe for you it’s a simple matter. But it was a past history already. Nevertheless, I was a prefect too during my old-school era. But, all your facts about ‘rebellions’ to be ‘free’ as running to the canteen and screaming publicly, for me as though, it was a contrary. Honestly to describe, I like to be a top student, to be a leader, to announce something for attention, and topmost to conquer the people’s mind. As for me Atikullah, they were a necessity. But, as the time flies, and as I am already stuck with myself inside ‘my life’, they are gone, far away from this road, disseminated. Now, I believe deep inside my heart, all of our acts is just like a dancer on the stage, which is called as world. Maybe soon enough, each and everyone of us will understand thoroughly, the meaning of all of these stuffs, and walk with no-fear towards the ‘point of the arrival’. Hadakallahu, Wafaqokallahu liqobulil haq wa a’anakallahu ‘ala qobulil haq…

    Jazakallah for sharing, my li’l tiny English boy. ^_-

  2. atikullah says:

    huh..emm..that’s the history..i used to be a good follower, but maybe not a good leader..shame on me then..~

  3. 12-21 says:

    i also used to be a prefect long ago when were still in primary school..i wasnt good as u i think..instead i was the one who made noises..yelling at the girls..tried to start a fight..that was me..=D..but those were sweet memories of mine during primary school..but when i was in secondary be exact in MJSC..i think leadership is can change u..can mature u..experience is the most precious thing..i learned a lot from dat..its changed me a very thankful for dat..**Alhamdulillah**
    btw..about the caffeine n insonia things.i think its common for the kia..u like u..hehe..~~no hard feeling..
    my english horribly lame (=.=”) OMG

    • atikullah says:

      shame on me again..i was a coward after mjsc, i used to be a ldp [again the prefect thing], but i quited 2 days after the appointment ceremony..i was not taking the application form any how..but dont know how my name came out of the blue..

      owh pliz..i’m not that KIA as u do..just couldnt close the eyes..huh..

      again, shame on me..

  4. maher says:

    eh how come? no way,u r absolutely a leader. u control Ulul Albab, kelab umno punya magazine..MIRC pun u in charge of sudoku…hahaha

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