give it a try~

It’s weird whenever u found out that sometimes u have to step out from ur usual’s happen to me sometimes.and then I’ll look  back to my life and reexamine my way of doings things.u’ll be utterly bewildered  to find out that stepping out from the usual pattern somehow will leave a valuable insight.


It does happen to me.i used to be the guy, who spends times doing things on my’s hard for me to communicate with others, especially with those I barely know, discussing wat ought to be done and what is’s not that I don’t like to hear others opinion, but I’m not too comfortable to speak out in front of others.i’m afraid people will look down at me.


Life is weird in its own perspective.and.sometimes, I feel tired to live life under the pretence of “my life is ok”.this begs me a larger routine balances me in a sense.but in another, it keeps me to be rigid recent days, i have to admit that my life is full of mundane things that dent my life and make it,I need to live my life in different ways.all the time, I used to be a follower.i’ll do things in a best way I can when I’m given instructions.but I cant give commands. But, all those friends around me, most of them used to be  leaders.i mean my classmates.Pok  Jat and Daus, they all both were the highest members of Student Representative Council  long time ago during their high school for them.and shame on me.


And today, I had given a task.a task that needs me to be in the crowd, giving instructions and having them to pay was not a big task though, but for me it first, I tried hardly to avoid from taking the responsibility.i would be happy if I don’t have to be in front of others.i’ll feel that I’ll be living in a safe and comfortable zone by refusing it.but, then came this voice urging me to give it a try. ”u’re such a coward, huh”.the voice whispered to me.and lastly, I gave it a try.i’ll be need all these experiences for my future career.hope so.


So,dear readers.i had stepped out from the usual daily pattern.hope it will decently improve my life.give it a try, and we’ll know..

p/s: I’allah for watver I’ll be doing, I’ll give my best..


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2 Responses to give it a try~

  1. drALAM says:

    All the best Atik. My supports never fail to accompany you throughout your journey. I know deep down, you shouldn’t keep ashamed on yourself. It’s like a new hope for you to try something that can bring you far towards the real world. But, only my advice, do not make the world’s task as main priority. Make it just as a ‘wadah’ for you to achieve the greatest award from Allah ta’ala. By becoming a leader, you must know how to lead yourself. If not, it just simply a concrete example of Munafiqun. Men were born to be a leader, but a leader must know how to ‘give birth’ of leadership inside himself. This is your time, and your turn as though. Be strong and just do it (nike).

    Maan najah my li’l English boy! ^_-

  2. afham says:

    Atik,you arent that’d been in front of a crowd for a couple of times,declaiming poems,and you even made the audience cry!how good was that!
    you’ve travelled to egypt,turkey!that’s not dull!.
    you’re good in writing!and that’s inspiringly awesome!!
    Life is full of just have to wait and pray that things will be fine.
    so,for anything that is new,just give it a try!!
    ~~may Allah guides you in everything that you do~~

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