A typical shopping day in the supermarket ‘SUPERMAN ‘[owh.such a lovely name of supermarket]. I was standing at a straight angle of 180° in front of the racks at the home utensils and ‘toilet things’ department [the department that I just created]. I’ve been standing there for almost 5 minutes just to decide the best toothpaste for my whitish-fully hygienic teeth.uhuuuuu. And at last  I chosed Colgate instead of Russia- made toothpaste Blandemel. Decision that I made is based on some explanations.well.colgate is the world-branded toothpaste.i do believe that the cave people also choose colgate [only if they do brush their teeth].plus with all the fascinating bombastic exaggerated ‘teeth-shining’ advertisements in the media. And I paid at the counter.owh.~i hated to see the lustful Russian cashier~.

Long story shorten.I want to tell u about making decision.yes that’s the point.owh. Warning: today post will be quite long plus with tons of grammatical errors.u might be don’t hv to read.


Making decision~

Do u ever made decisions in life.of course all of us did.instead, our life itself is the sum total of the choices and decisions we have made.wat u’re going to be, wat u hv been, it’s all depend on the decisions you’ve made. Right?.

making a decision is not a problem, but making the right decision, yes it is. Well.obviously, in making choices, we’ve only have to choose one and leave another one.that’s the rule.we cant have both.eihter choosing one, or you will lose everything.

“In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” –Theodore Roosevelt-


I have a story about making  big decision [based on true story, but in my version], and I believe most of us know perfectly well this story.owh.but before that i would like to remind that I’m not a good story-teller though.well then..

Once upon a time[read it the tone of fairy tale-telling] circa a few decades back,in a country that no one knows where it was exactly,there were these 2 brothers.let give them names [not real names].one abu, and another one ali.typical malay name.there were like 2 opposite charges, their manners and ways of living were totally different. Abu: was known among the people in neighborhood as the drunker, addicted gambler, and he always committed adultery[he was not married yet though].in easier words, he was like a demon.but always, he either hated himself to behave in that way.Ali:very religious, knows everything about rights things to do, and wat things must be left behind. He was an abid, doing prayers for most of the times, doing good things,saying good words, etc etc…


but.on that day.alas, both of them made their biggest decision in life, a decision that will change their life later on.abu, he decided to leave all the sins he made, and ready to repent of the sins.he needed something that can assuage his guilt.whilst.ali.he  started to feel tired of doings the prayers, and he was thinking of trying something new out of his usual routine.yes, he really wanted  to least once in a life he thought. they were.on the way to the new destination and prospect of life.abu was heading to the masjid, while ali was just approaching the night club at which abu spent most of his time before. a promise.a promise that will never be ones knows when, how, and where it comes.and yes.that day, was the end of their[ali and abu] life.abu ‘s car crashed ali’s [owh.i’m not so sure if car had been invented that time, doesn’t matter though].and they were destined to die in the accident.long story shorten, abu died in iman, whilst ali in kufur.


Well that story, if u noticed we got 2 moral values.the first one, all of our deeds are based on intention [refer to hadith no.1].but I would like to emphasize the 2nd one.decision.if u decide to do the hell of u, then u will go to hell, and vice versa [owh.sorry for my tactless words].in islam.Rasulullah said [correct me if I’m wrong] that halal is clear, and do so haram.nothing to be doubted of them.but, if there is ambiguity, not knowing for sure whter halal or haram, then leave it.syubhah.that’s the exact opinion.halal is not only related with halal foods, but halal means everything that are good and allowed In making decision of any situation we’re facing.  Islam steers us in the right direction to make the right choice.only choose what is good and what can guarantee the “happy ever after” ending.[do I choose the right things?.hope so].


Decision.determining ur future career is a decision.owh.i hope medicine is my right field.determining what kind of creature u wanna be is a decision[except u can’t be other than human].what u wanna eat, wanna watch, wanna say, wanna think, wanna, and other sorts of wanna.they are all the decision that u have to, sit back and relax, thinks twice or even thrice what is the best decision u hv to make.decide now or you will regret latter.


p/s: and just now, I’ve decided to write this entry.sorry for grammatical with the confusing and non-systemic idea presentation.


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5 Responses to decision~

  1. aisya kay says:

    nice entry!
    btw,toilet things=toiletries

  2. afham says:

    decision making??!!emm…it is quite difficult sometimes,esp when it involves big things in your life eg:which school u should go,which profession you should choose,which girl u should marry to,haha.
    My father once said,”list down the pros and the contras of the choices before u make any decision,and then do ‘sunat istikharah’ and tawakkal to Allah after you’ve made the decision.”
    and dont forget,that Allah has given us two choices for us to choose
    “And shown him the two ways”-al-Balad:10.So,choose wisely!! 😉

  3. Azri says:


    Excellent post… I like this one alot… 😀

  4. atikullah says:

    to afham:..mkaseh fam..btul2..
    ti azri..owh..tq bro..

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