i read one of facebook statuses of my friend.that is how i got the idea to write~


It was 8 years ago.i passed my UPSR with flying was only once in a life.people said if I want to go to the boarding school, then do well in UPSR.i did.


It was 5 years ago. I hold the PMR certificate roll with pride and smile crafted.i was was only once in a blue moon.people said if I want to be in a highly reputable school, then do well in pmr.and I did.


It was 3 years back. I passed my SPM with ‘not-too’ flying colours, but ok.once in a said do well in SPM if u want to pursue ur study in any kind of uni u want.and I did.end up in russia heh..


And. It was last week.i answered the concluding test with only satisfaction [no wonder, microbes.i was not done with reading.always].people said if u want to pass ur final, then perform well in class.and I did [almost]


It’s odd though, because all of a sudden, we seem to repeat the same cycle all over again.again and again.

But.why don’t we ask.death only once in a prepare are we?.

so they say..

do pious.leave the sin [I’m a big sinner.owh].because there is no way to’s only once and it will be for matter we[me especially] passed the biggest trial?.huh..

p/s: revolving from the past is a need sometimes~


About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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2 Responses to again~

  1. 12-21 says:

    request permission..nk kecek klate..hehe..

    btui2 ape hang habak tuih..cek sokong (errkk tibe2 plak utara..xper layan (^^,) )..

    Our Apostle, Muhammad pbuh already told us..the one who always reminds of death is the cleverest ( sape2 yg tau kesahihan hadis ini bg tau eh, dan hdis pnuh..mkasih )

    nice post though *LIKE..

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