It was a few weeks parcel lastly safely arrived.thanks to afham who informed me that.after 3 month of torturing and question-full waiting.and I was the glavnaya pochta [main post office] claiming my parcel.i always hate to deal with them [those Russian people].they’re such arrogant.all mankind all over the globe know that. ok let us don’t discuss about them. I don’t want to start the fire., after I got my parcel, I quickly called a taxi.i just wanted to immediately disengage from those post office workers.owh.i hated to see their eyes.they glared at me as the lion in the Africa glare at their scary metaphorically. or it was just me who was so inferior.

Zdraztie, ya kachu zakaz adin taxi sicas veh glavnuyu pochtu.

(Hello, I want a taxi right now to main post office pliz.)

Ok.that’s the phrase that I hv been trying to memorize millions time so that I don’t get stuck whenever I call Russian taxi. But still, I fail to arrange the words in order and to use proper grammar when the time comes. People say that third time’s the charm, but not for me. I just can’t

Kharasho.daitie vash numer .( ok.give me ur number pliz)


5 minutes later. …

Taxi ke vam sicas.galuboi svet (ok taxi is now heading to the post office, light blue in colour).

The sky was clear with a hue touch up. The spring sun was fiercely scorching and brightened than before.i didn’t have to rug up myself anymore.everyone loves this moderate and temperate feels nice to breath in the eye of spring.

.and I was there.standing still like a statue of Lenin in front of the post office.and my parcel I perched on the edge of the window pane besides hv been 15 minutes already, but I couldn’t  see even the shadow of the called heart started to the Russian passersby looked at me in the way of i’m a terrorist, carrying a 10-kg bomb besides me [my parcel weighed 10 kg].owh.let me slap their face.~~~pingggg~~~.then.came this an old man, murmuring something I couldn’t understand onto my face.i couldn’t catch his Russian dialect. So I just smiled and ignored him, saying to him that I was waiting a taxi.i hope I answered his non-understandable question. And he went away.i was wracked with guilty to upset him.never mind though.

Then.again I waited.

. where on earth the blue taxi was heading to.or maybe there is a second main post office here that I don’t know its existence.owh.i can wait longer no more.then, it was at the moment that  I just wanted to hail another taxi on the road, I got the third call.

owh.ur taxi is already there.

Wat?.but I don’t see any blue taxi here.

No.the taxi is black.

U said before it is blue.

No.i called the wrong passenger actually…

Wat the heck.U know what.that taxi actually had been there for all the time I was standing there.just in front of me.and me.waiting for the dreamed non-existing, I lifted my parcel up and walked toward the taxi like nothing I hv been there just 2 minutes ago.i smiled to the driver.and bla blah blah blah…Long contra-version conversation happened between me and the taxi driver.long story shorten, I arrived at home happily and safely.thanks to the operator because u saved my minutes a, I got plenty of time heh.

Moral of the story.oi people, be alert with ur work.dont let others got into trouble because of u.that’s all~

p/s: run! Run!.u have to run~


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hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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2 Responses to taxi~

  1. fuad sabri says:

    alahai mat….
    cie nyo dio hahahaha…
    lawok dowh cito mg ney…
    kalu mung kelik malaysia buleh wat drama…

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