again assalamualaikum and hi..

so this is my second post in a day.although like no one read my post, i dont care much, as long as i cn write and read myself.writing is my tool to play, my world to express and tell, like my stage of ideas, or the frame of my mind, or whatsoever.i love writing.although my writing is pretty boring and dull plus with tons of grammatical errors.

after almost 2 weeks i didnt write [only in this wordpress], and today i was overwhelmed with the instinct to write something or even lots of things.and here i want to write about…

i have a friend.let the name is kept hidden.now, he is having a very good intention to be done.a mission to be revealed.here it is…long time ago, circa a few decades back, he used to speak using all those rude words..likebinatang [bitch], tahi [shits], bengong[you fool], etc…ok.frankly speaking, the same goes with me actually.i’m using that words sometimes.i used to talk with my close friends obscenely, tactlessly, rudely, immodestly, impolitely, and anything else end with -ly.

ok.obviously, those words are quite common and i think had suited the norm of people in US.look at most of all of the US films, all those words form the script.owh.i dont understand why?.is that the way the parents want their children to grow?..

well then back to the story.so this friend of mine, he was so determined to leave all those words one by one.and now, he’s doing it from time to time.that’s all about him.

eventually, his good intention has egged me on to speak nicely too, without using all those words.his determination is a blessing in disguise i can say.before this, i used those words freely, they were just bursting out of my mouth..bengom menate nie, one of example.[to those who not understand ask kelantenese then].

and only after that, this thing came plugging into my mind.thing that urged me to change my routine dialogs, to make  them sound better and nice.thanks to him.well, i know it’s not a piece of cake.but things not gonna happen if we dont want to give a try.if u  notice i’m still using that words recently,i’m trying though.from now on, whenever i pronounce those words, i hv or i need to force myself to feel unpleasant.maybe.in a sense it’s okay for this time at least.for beginning.

it’s that matter?

ok.maybe in the groups of our friends, it doesn’t matter that much.but, whenever we deal with people we don’t really know, this can offense them a little bit or more.

Rasullullah pbuh had narrated “He, who believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him speak well or remain silent.” [correct me I’m wrong].

So here’s the deal.avoid senseless and irrelevant talk.otherwise have batter keep silent.that’s how islam teach us.perfect right?.
But it seem to me not much people practice this.me either.speak out whatever comes across my mind.till very this moment I’m still talking in that way.till then, I’allah I’ll try~

p/s: if someone can give comments or some ideas regarding  this issue, I really appreciate it.if only my blog is read by readers..hehe


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9 Responses to tactless~

  1. atiqah mamat says:

    sape org tue? haha

    grau2 jah.. biasa la tue skali skala tubik blako hok kecek tue. =)

  2. kudin gagah says:

    ces.. kurang asam…

  3. atikullah says:

    @tiqah: owh org tuh org yg kenal n rapat..
    @kudin bajet gagah: mung masok gapo kurng asam..

  4. pokjat says:

    eh?? its quite hard to get rid of those words though..its kind of daily habits..hehe..but u are rite at least we should try not to say those words..but если i did..i didnt say in purpose =D..[hehe..pndai2 la intepret sndri yer??]..well done bro..[xtau bkpo aku oyak..haha]

  5. tido says:

    erkk~~~ agak aaa.susah gok benar nk tahan. 😉
    perkataan hok mudoh skali tubik, “bengom”.
    mudoh sgt,semudah minum air.
    jadi bagaimana?maybe kena pikir sbelum kecek kot.
    wallahu a’lam.

    • atikullah says:

      ntah ar fam..aku serow aku pyoh nk uboh..huhuhu..”bengom” tuh mudoj sgt tubik..klu ngn sain2 hrp sek dio x kisoh la..

  6. maher says:

    tkde kaitan dgn post pun…
    lawa r design bloh ko nih!! huhuh

  7. sabrina says:

    hurm…rasenye tu kene control sendri…self limit plus our own determination.insyaAllah if we really want it..Allah will help us…
    Try dulu..slowly…yang penting we are not trying giving it up..jangan biarkan mulut mengawal bicara, biar akal dan hati jadi filter dulu.

  8. atikullah says:

    @maher..owh mkseh
    @sab: stuju sab..diri tuh kite kn control..jgn duk men lpas jer ckap ni…

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