well, i dont want to but, i hv to say it’s been a while since the last post in 2010.why i begin the begin again?.because i choose to.when u cant see the start or end of something, then better get out from the line and start over again to embark a new storyline.

people like me actually should be retiring from blogging.not proud to say though that i hv another blogspot which is written in my tongue language.so, is it necessary to have another blog?well.i choose to.there’s a saying ‘think in more than 1 language will take your brain to one or more level further'(not sure it’s a saying or what).

2010 resolution.as the nature takes its course, and time goes by, an invaluable creation like me(human is invaluable right??) has evolved from the younger age to an older one, and as i walked along this long pavement, i grabbed all the things for future and put them all on the hump on my back.some of the stories are about the responsibilities people gave to me and the trust they tried to gain from me.and considering my incapability to handle things and give commands, i refused to lend my hand to be the one who controls.but still, i put my legs with those people  as a follower.

others.just the same recycling routines.yeah, life is a stage on which we are the players.so let get ready to start the play.

owh.about newyear wish or aim or watever.i dont have any.just the same as years back, having the normal human instinct, to be a better me and of course to step further along the way of God.i’allah.

p/s: not to deny, the final exam goosebumps now already felt, but the spirit is still in gaining.huh


About atikullah

hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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