being an inhabitant of a tropical or hot country, lies deep in my heart the childish dream to be sunken under the knee-high snow, walk under the frozen undergrowths, or simply sit near the window in the hand made sweater, looking down the snow showering the windowpane.and in the weekend, i’ll be outing to the nearest skiing spot, spend the time under the dappled sunlight, or else i just build a big gentle-snow man in front of the door step, big enough for me to stand on the same high with it.

and yet.last night the snow kept pissing down, looked like the whitish millions of tiny cotton tufts were falling in the speed of the wind from the gloomy sky. and eventually, the world was all white. it’s all like i’d imagined when i was in the preschool.but one thing i forgot or in other words, one thing that didnt cross the tangle mind of mine on that time.winter is COLD.going out on the street is the last thing that i’m gonna do.walking to class in the morning feels like climbing the everest with the thickest coat wrapping you, and you’ll be walking like a penguin. and the blizzard is not nice.the cold chilly wind will sweep away the heat that u need.and even ur tears freeze, ur ears numb, and at last u’ll be like a zombie walking throughout the meadow of coldness in the middle of nowhere.and one more thing, my stomach always churning in need more foods.anyhow.i love winter. behind it , lies the greatness of creation of Allah.


p/s: owh. i really need a haircut..


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hospital tanah merah sk tebing tinggi mrsm kuala lipis mrsm peng. chepa intec russian programme volgograd, russia
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